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Red Dog 04-25-03 09:35 PM

Fastlane - 4/25
Good finale although the free-for-all for the diamonds was pretty laughable.

I just hope FOX doesn't screw the fans over and cancel it after they ended on a cliffhanger.

ChrisHicks 04-25-03 10:02 PM

this IS Fox so you know they will cancel it.

CaptDS9E 04-25-03 10:05 PM

John doe was a cliffhanger and it was bigger then fastlanes. Total shock factor. They better renew it or let them film a few more episodes to finish off


Patman 04-25-03 10:13 PM

I was hoping for some girl-on-girl action with Willamina and the blonde. :D Can Tiffani fill out white tops or what?

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