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Buttmunker 04-17-03 01:49 PM

South Park - A period when the voices sounded...off
Maybe it was just me, but I remember watching some episodes about three months ago on Comedy Central (I guess it was last season's episodes) where the voices for Stan and Kyle sounded...different? It's like Trey Parker had a cold during the recording session, or he was laid up and had a substitute voice-person do the deed.

My wife heard it, too, so I know it wasn't just me. When I heard this, I thought South Park was finished. I'm glad to see that this is not the case, as I've never heard their voices sound off after that.

Groucho 04-17-03 01:52 PM

Trey does the voice for Stan, but Matt does the voice for Kyle. I don't recall any episodes last season where they sounded different...and I usually watch them first run (before they are tweaked for reruns, which does happen from time to time).

Fanboy 04-17-03 03:32 PM

Yeah, from about season 4 onward it sounded like Stan was going through puberty or something.

They seem to have pulled back from that, tho.

Mopower 04-17-03 10:57 PM

I heard it too. I think it was for one episode. Glad they got rid of it.

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