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gabeon 04-10-03 12:41 AM

HDNet in DFW
What kind of information can someone give me on this HDTV channel? I am in DFW, and I should be receiving my Samsung TIR-151 shortly. I had heard that HDNet in DFW was an OTA channel, but I find that hard to believe.

Also, what kind of NHL and NBA playoff coverage can I expect on OTA digital channels?


CPA-ESQ. 04-10-03 09:06 AM

Well I get HDNEt on DTV.. But you were asking about OTA.

If you can get OTA - You're lucky. I can't :( Most "Bigtime" sporting events are in HD on CBS.

If you want some more OTA information check out a web site:

Hdtv oice (Take out the space) :)

They have some good info on OTA - More than I know of off hand

gabeon 04-10-03 11:49 AM

Thanks, CPA.

I went to that site, and it was very helpful. It seems that HDNet is broadcast on the UPN local station.

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