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madara 03-13-03 08:05 PM

when is next new Dawsons?
Okay, thanks you guys I know I will not need tune until 15th of april for smallville but how about wbs dawsons creek as well? I can see myself easily missing this as dont watch WB otherwise.

bigjim25 03-13-03 10:38 PM

April 16th is the next new Dawson's Creek :D

3/19 They're showing the very first Dawson's Creek "Pilot"

Kal-El 03-14-03 10:39 AM

I'm waiting for this one as well. Get Pacey and Joey back together already!

madara 03-28-03 07:21 PM

Originally posted by bigjim25
April 16th is the next new Dawson's Creek :D

3/19 They're showing the very first Dawson's Creek "Pilot"

Was new one this week and I missed it!


WiccanPagan 03-28-03 09:49 PM

madara, ahm, hate to say it but that was a joke. :(

bigjim25 03-28-03 11:00 PM

Originally posted by madara YOU WERE WRONG!!!

Sorry bout that. That's what they said on one of those Dawson's websites.

If you get TBS, they start showing 4 episodes a day <A HREF="http://www.tbssuperstation.com/daytime/Show/0,,5415,00.html">Monday, Mar. 31st</A>. They should be on the missed episode in about 5 weeks. Sorry about this, it wasn't meant as a joke. If they keep with this schedule, you should be able to catch it May 9.

Here's the 4 they are showing that day:
08:00 AM Rock Bottom
09:00 AM Clean and Sober
10:00 AM Castaways (KMart episode)
11:00 AM That Was Then <-- The episode you missed

WiccanPagan 03-29-03 12:09 AM

okay wasn't a joke, sounded like a joke with the :D after it. :)

bigjim25 05-08-03 06:46 PM

:up: madara, just thought I'd remind you that episode comes on tomorrow.

BubbaTC 05-08-03 11:30 PM

Does anyone know if they're going to replay all of these last few episodes on TBS at all? I saw that starting on monday it's on only 2 hours each morning instead of 4. Are they going to start from the beginning again or will they show these ending ones from season 6?

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