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Rypro 525 03-11-03 05:56 PM

bmore not airing A.U.S.A and meet my folks tonight
Just a reminder that wbal 11 is celebrating 55 years on the air so they will be doing a retrospective special about the network. (I wanted to see meet my folks)

Alien Redrum 03-11-03 08:01 PM

Do you have cable? Check it out on the Washington affiliate.

Seantn 03-11-03 10:46 PM

I heard AUSA was cancelled.

Rypro 525 03-12-03 06:07 AM

Nope, they said "a.u.s.a" will not be seen tonight..." but not cancelled. My cable providor doesn't carry dc stations, and I did get to see meet my folks.

MrX 03-12-03 01:27 PM

They haven't announced it being cancelled yet but I read Watching Ellie is coming back April 15th and replacing it in that timeslot.

calhoun07 03-12-03 02:40 PM

And they didn't air the show at a later time? Heck, if they at least aired it at 4 am, you could still set your VCR for it. I hate it when local networks preempt shows for their crap. At least have the courtesy to air it later. I suppose it's different with a network like NBC, because it's hard to squeeze in that programming later since NBC seems to keep their affiliates scheduled to the hilt. This happened to me last week when my NBC affiliate preempted Let's Make a Deal for some Billy Graham special (isn't that why they have PAX?), the premier episode, and that ticked me off, because that night GSN was airing the original pilot with Monty Hall, and I felt that would be perfect, to have both premier episodes on the same tape. I even called them and tried to see if they could air it again at ANY time and they refused to. They were totally useless and utterly worthless in trying to help me get that premier episode.

Fox, on the other hand, seems to be pretty cool about this. Some years ago, I was trying to get all of the Deep Space Nine episodes taped off of TV, but there were two that they never aired (KMSP in Minneapolis/St Paul) I forget the names of the episodes off hand, but they went thru the rest of the series like two or three times and always skipped over those episodes. I wrote them a nice email requesting those two episodes be aired, and they did air them one night/moring, like from 4am to 6am. At least I was able to get them on tape! I thought that was a class act. These NBC affiliates need to take a cue from KMSP.

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