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FX is gonna air Buffy S6 in the right order soon

Old 03-10-03, 07:36 PM
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FX is gonna air Buffy S6 in the right order soon

I checked my tivo and FX will be airing S6 in the right order this time becuase my Tivo listed all the right eps for S6 + the musical which they haven't shown yet. So I assume they will air the rest correctly to. Which is good becuase I still haven't seen the ep when Buffy tries and kills everyone and the last 3 of S6. So keep an eye out for this. I will post the schedule soon.
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March 26 will be the musical episode.
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Gracias! I missed big 'ol chunks of this season. I'll have to set my Tivo to record these.
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showing it in order wont help what was a terrible season.
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Old 03-12-03, 03:43 PM
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The sixth season of "Buffy" is like "Star Trek V" or "Enterprise" for Trekkies, theyll own it or have watched it but do not like what they had to sit through.

The only redeming thing about season six was, "Once More with Feeling."
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Well, I would at least like to see the entire season before I pass judgement on it.
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According to the FX website, season 6 episodes begin Friday, March 14th. Looks like I'll have to tape these as I'm still working my way through seasons 4 and 5 on DVD.
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FX makes me mad because they are so bad about showing stuff out of order...and on my cable, the FX feed (the quality) is less than desirable.
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Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Season 6...
I actually thought OMWF was in the middle of the pack as far as last season is concerned. I know alot of people hated the darkness and the Spike-Buffy coupling, etc., but my main dislike of the season is that it didn't seem to have the sense of pace of the other seasons. My favorite seasons (2, 3, & particularly 5) had a clear sense of direction from the get-go. The majority of the episodes seemed to build to the final showdown with the big bad.

Season 6 wasted too much time on the 'catalyst' for the big bad (the nerd trio), rather than the actual big bad (the evil Willow). I thought the killing of Tara should've happened way sooner. Willow should have been eviler earlier... and should've covered more eps, rather than deal with the whole shebang in 3 episodes. It's a momentous event and they gloss over it in a 2-hour span. I liken it to the season 2 arc... Spike & Dru are sort of the secondary villains... they make way for Angelus to be the big bad for the final 10 episodes.

That said, I thought that, much like season 4, there were several stellar episodes within the overall lesser season. Tabula Rasa and Normal Again were two of my favorites. That said, I'm not even going to attempt defending Doublemeat Palace.
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