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PHMustang2000 03-10-03 08:31 PM

If you missed the 3rd Season of Roswell.......
If you missed the 3rd season of Roswell because
A) You didn't get UPN
B) You were too busy watching Smallville & 24

Now You can watch them again, starting Thursday, Scifi will reair The third season of Roswell

Thursday, March - 13th - Busted
Friday, March - 14th - Michael The Guys & The Great Snapple Caper
Monday - 17th - No Roswell, Something Else is on
Tuesday - 18th - No Roswell, Something Else is on
Wednesday - 19th - Significant Others
Thursday - 20th - Secrets & Lies
Friday - 21st - Contol
They will run the rest of the 3rd season M - F, then on April 10th they will start over again with the Pilot

Jadzia 03-10-03 09:47 PM

I never watched this show when it first aired, but I have been enjoying the repeats since they started airing in January.

The last few episodes have gone down hill, though. End of season two.

Max's character has become a real dick and I don't like the way he & Liz broke up and are towards each other. Couple that with him sleeping with Tess, and it was just ick. I don't know, the Tess character has never really rubbed me the right way, and I always get the feeling she is sneaky and up to something.

I thought I heard that the 3rd season of Roswell really sucked, is that true?

I hope the episodes don't keep going in the same direction as they are now.

It seems like the showstarted to go downhill when the aliens stopped being outsider teenage kids and suddenly became theis Royal Four. That whole plot just doesn't make sense. If they were this important foursome on their planet why send them to Earth as kids and leave them in stasis for 40 years? How can they help their planet that way?

I would have liked the show to have continued more with the plot that they are alien-human hybrids sent to earth to colonize it, etc. I think the whole "past lives" sub-plot just brought down the story and ruined some of the characters (namely Max).

Wizdar 03-10-03 10:07 PM

Iíve been watching, on and off, since it started on SciFi. Canít say that it really grabs me. Seems like a teen drama with the pretense of being science fiction. Now that everybody knows who they are, the tension, whatever there was of it, is gone for me.

And, yeah, Max boinkiní Tess Ė whatís up wid dat? Heís really getting on my nerves these days.

Maybe Iíll pay a little more attention when it starts over.

Bcolon 03-11-03 07:50 PM

Monday - 17th - No Roswell, Something Else is on
Tuesday - 18th - No Roswell, Something Else is on

You mean even in sindication Roswell can't avoid being pre-empted???? :)

I really hope Fox releases this series on DVD soon. Even though some of the episodes were really inconsistent, it is one of my more recent favorite shows.

Jadzia 03-12-03 10:46 AM

What was up with yesterday's episode?

One minute Sean is laying on the floor bleeding to death, the next he's just standing around like nothing happened.

I thought I missed something and I ran it back, but they never explained why he was suddenly feeling better. Weird.

Wizdar 03-12-03 11:03 AM

So it wasnít just me? I thought I dozed off again and missed somethingÖ

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