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B5Erik 03-10-03 02:51 AM

Dragnet - 3/09
Another solid, and very entertaining episode.

I'm really enjoying the updated Dragnet - Ed O'Neil is outstanding as Joe Friday. This isn't your parent's Dragnet (as good as that show often was), this is Dragnet with a modern sensibility, but with the older style storytelling. I like the hybrid.

This episode really worked well for me, I liked the twists in the plot. I'd love to know just how much this one was based on a real case - the old series, both radio and TV, took real cases and changed the names and then spiced it up just a little bit (but the basic facts of the cases were accurate).

I haven't seen what the ratings for the new Dragnet have been like, but I hope the show gets renewed.

Jobronie 03-10-03 07:39 AM

Thoroughly enjoyed tonight's ep. One complaint: I thought the discrepancy in the witness's original statement was REALLY stretching things and was rather weak.

The series definitely holds my attention and keeps me coming back.......

Iron Chef 03-10-03 08:30 AM

I loved the little plot twist in the middle of the program when they took a closer look at the bedsheets.

Patman 03-10-03 09:08 AM

Anyone else getting tired of Ethan Embry's puppy dog eyes when he's in a scene with Ed O'Neil? :D

I thought last night's episode was okay, but not great. The plot twist was almost expected, and is getting cliched in some respects. It's pretty hard to provide shocking plot twists when it comes to crimes set in LA nowadays. :)

Dave99 03-10-03 09:59 AM

I thought it was pretty good. I like this series also, none of the other cop shows have held my interest very well, but this one does. Al Bundy and Nick Pappageorgio seem to work well together. :)


movieking 03-10-03 10:35 AM

I am starting to like this show as well. I thought that it got off to an awful start, but the last few episodes have been solid. I don't like Embry though.

Can anyone remember who was cast in the Frank Smith role before Embry? I remember reading about how the first actor left, or was cut. Anyone have anymore info?

Jobronie 03-10-03 03:33 PM

Well, I found this bit of cast replacement:

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Ed O'Neill ("Married ... With Children") has been cast as
Joe Friday in ABC's "Dragnet" revival, replacing the recently departed Danny

movieking 03-10-03 04:02 PM

I didn't know that, but the other role was definitely recast as well. I just can't remember who had it before Ethan Embry.

B5Erik 03-11-03 02:43 AM

I understand what they're trying to do with Ethan Embry, but the results are hit and miss. Like many younger cop characters they've set him up with a lot of room to grow up, and hopefully they will have him pick up some wisdom (and have him pout a little less) as the series goes on.

Of course, if they can't get his character dialed in they could always bring in a new Bill Gannon. :)

Someone in his mid 30's with a lot of attitude.

But I'm really enjoying the series as it is, so I'm not worried about it (or complaining - too much). Ed O'Neil is carrying the show - and doing a damn fine job of it.

MrX 03-12-03 03:27 AM

I thought this was a good episode. I thought the plot did become a mess at the end though. To many people involved to struggle like they did solving it.

I agree that O'Neil is carrying this series right now.

Patman 03-12-03 08:37 AM

I want Bud Bundy (David Faustino) to make an appearance on the show, and have Ed rough him up a little. :D

Red Dog 03-12-03 09:48 AM

I really like Ed O'Neill. I like how they have given the Smith character a lot of room to grow. Good team. Good show.

Patman 03-12-03 10:05 AM

Actually, it'd be funny to see Ted McGinley show up as a male gigolo in the middle of a murder case. :D

Red Dog 03-12-03 10:35 AM

Originally posted by Patman
Actually, it'd be funny to see Ted McGinley show up as a male gigolo in the middle of a murder case. :D

Yeah but it would jump the shark at that point. ;)

B5Erik 03-12-03 02:10 PM

I'd love to see Ted McGinley show up as a crooked cop. Friday could bust him. That would be sweet. :D

Patman 03-12-03 03:19 PM

How about Marcy as a murderous lesbian on a rampage?

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