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Dah-Dee 03-09-03 10:17 PM

SAG awards on TNT live?
I'm sitting here reading this Reuters article on Yahoo ( http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...leisure_sag_dc ), in which the first 2 awards discussed are to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Christopher Walken, and while I'm reading the article those awards are presented on TNT. Weird -- I thought this show was live? Pixies in my PC, or tape delay on TNT?

Edit: Okay, Edie Falco just won ... as predicted in my magical article!!! I'm going to hunt for a similarly freaky article on this Iraq thing.

BigPete 03-09-03 10:20 PM

Perhaps you're on the wrong coast?

Dah-Dee 03-09-03 10:28 PM

No, I think it's definitely a Back to the Future thing. I'm gonna be rich!

Edit: I think I should have posted my silliness in TV Talk. Can somebody move this thread if that's where it should be? Thanks.

bigjim25 03-10-03 03:18 AM

This show came on at 8 and 10 on TNT, so if you watched at 10 you caught the 2nd airing. Any pics of Melissa Gilbert from the show is appreciated. :D

Patman 03-10-03 09:29 AM

I'm getting so tired of the Chicago back-patting every time I see an awards shows nowadays. I mean, I almost have the urge to go into dry heaves when I hear any of the actors sing the praises of Rob Marshall. But that's just me.

When was the last time a TV show (comedy) had the "second bananas" pick up the lead actor/actress awards? I just find it a strange phenomena that both Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes are picking up awards for their work on a show named "Will & Grace" :D

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