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jpcamb 03-08-03 12:51 PM

Bad Soprano News: Gandolfini wants out.
No Tony you can never get out, doesn't he know that?

star wants to rub out his contract

By Michael Fleming, Reuters, 3/8/2003

EW YORK -- James Gandolfini is trying to put a hit out on his employment contract with HBO.

Gandolfini, who plays the mob boss Tony Soprano on the network's ''The Sopranos,'' filed suit Thursday in California Superior Court seeking to be released from an obligation to return for the next season of HBO's mob drama.

HBO officials said the move was a ploy to get more money.

The lawsuit alleges that Gandolfini had not been notified within 10 days after HBO agreed to pay series creator David Chase $20 million for the show's fifth season. Episodes for the season should begin airing in early 2004.) Gandolfini has asserted that the lack of notification amounts to a violation of his contract.

''Our legal position is that there is no obligation for James Gandolfini to perform services for the coming season,'' said a Gandolfini lawyer, Martin Singer, who declined to say definitively that Gandolfini wouldn't return as the ''Sopranos'' mob patriarch. ''There have been negotiations going on for our client to potentially return,'' Singer said. ''They haven't reached an agreement, and we have until March 24 to evaluate what to do. That is the day they've requested for him to come back to work.''

The legal action took HBO executives by surprise, since they had been planning to sweeten Gandolfini's deal for the upcoming season. ''This is nothing more than a further renegotiation tactic by an actor with a binding contract,'' an HBO official said.

The timing of the suit suggests an effort to get Gandolfini's salary in line with some of his broadcast-network peers. Gandolfini gets $400,000 an episode, a figure comparable to the likes of ''Frasier'' costars Jane Leeves and Peri Gilpin, as well as ''West Wing'' star Martin Sheen, who pulls down around $425,000 an episode.

But those salaries are well below the $800,000 paid Ray Romano for ''Everybody Loves Raymond,'' the $1 million an episode for each ''Friends'' star , or the $1.6 million Kelsey Grammer gets for each episode of ''Frasier.''

Those stars have renegotiated their contracts as their shows have succeeded, as Gandolfini did in September 2000, when he signed a $10 million deal for two seasons.

HistoryProf 03-08-03 01:08 PM


TheMadMonk 03-08-03 05:42 PM

I hate millionaire crybabies.

Josh-da-man 03-08-03 07:33 PM

Wasn't "The Sopranos" only supposed to run for four seasons anyway?

Dr. DVD 03-08-03 08:36 PM

Well, he knows that he's got HBO by the cajones at a crucial point. More power to him if he can drain em.

Brian_92gsr 03-08-03 09:00 PM

Originally posted by Josh-da-man
Wasn't "The Sopranos" only supposed to run for four seasons anyway?
It was, but all of the critcal plot points for the 4th season were pushed back to the 5th season. So in a sense the 4th season, not the 5th season, was the extra one. I have not seen the 4th season yet, and am in the middle of the 3rd season DVDs, so this is just what I've read in the past.

JaxComet 03-08-03 11:13 PM

Quite frankly I thought last season was horrible. I don't think they know where to go with the series at this point.....

costanza187 03-09-03 01:01 PM

isnt this a duplicate thread?

Deftones 03-09-03 02:05 PM

Originally posted by costanza187
isnt this a duplicate thread?

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