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Red Dog 03-08-03 11:28 AM

Family Business 3/7
Another great episode. Cousin Steve is f-ing hysterical. Everytime he goes on an errand, he gets sidetracked into a lap dance. :lol: Of course, if Taylor St. Claire asked me if I wanted a lap dance, I'd probably put everything on hold to.

The lunch between his mom and the neighbor - priceless!

Blaster1 03-08-03 01:29 PM

This show rocks.

MrN 03-09-03 09:58 PM

That one guy who couldn't get the money shot was pathetic/embarassing. Anyone know if thats a side-effect of Viagra?

The funniest moments are definately with the Cousin.

CharlesC 03-10-03 10:03 AM

Percent of this show that was scripted this week:


Numanoid 03-10-03 10:16 AM

Originally posted by CharlesC
Percent of this show that was scripted this week:


Exactly. I'm afraid I'm about one more show from removing this from my Tivo Season Pass. The situations are just way too convenient. That dinner with the mother and the neighbor was so scripted it was pathetic. So the neighbor just happens to inquire on how they make a living, but never questions why the cameras are there filming dinner?! She never even looks at the camera. It's hard enough to get an actor to not look directly at the camera, but it's impossible to get a "real person" not to.

I like Adam (although it's no wonder why he can't find a woman - that hair has got to go), but I just find myself doing this -ohbfrank- too much to enjoy it. This guy's regular life has got to be interesting enough...why all the setups?

Officer Cartman 03-10-03 10:24 AM

Anyone know who that porn star was that shacked up with Adam at the end of the episode? I know she looks familiar, but can't put my finger on it.

Blaster1 03-10-03 11:18 AM

It was Jenna Jameson.

Red Dog 03-10-03 11:57 AM

That was not Jenna Jameson.

Patman 03-10-03 12:00 PM

Does this show only air on Fridays and Saturdays? I missed it this weekend, but hoped they air it during the weekdays late at night.

goLUCKY 03-11-03 08:59 PM

Wasn't the black haired chick on 20/20 a while back talking about how fd-up she is and how she is always on drugs...and how she wants to get out of the biz.

New guy had to fake the big O.....funny stuff.

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