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cooper2000 03-07-03 12:02 AM

What happend to tonights episode of Are you Hot?
I turned it on tonight and "The Family" was on.
Was this everywhere?

MrX 03-07-03 12:34 AM

Bush's speech. It took up the first hour of primetime on the east coast and midwest and ABC decided to drop one of their shows instead of pushing everything back.

Patman 03-07-03 07:32 AM

So in essence, you're blaming Bush. :D

cooper2000 03-07-03 09:07 AM

I was looking forward to seeing some nice bodies, so yes, Bush is on my S**T list.

Morf 03-07-03 09:20 AM

Darn, I was hoping that it was canceled.

cooper2000 03-07-03 09:47 AM

I hate reality shows as much as the next guys but I cant turn away from the bodies.

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