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Londo 03-06-03 04:27 PM

Maybe a second season of "That's My Bush!" comes next....

Timothy Bottoms, who portrayed President Bush in Comedy Central's short-lived comedy series "That's My Bush!" is on track to reprise his role in a much more somber setting. Bottoms, "24" co-star Penny Johnson and "Star Trek" veteran George Takei are in talks to star in Showtime's telefilm "DC 9/11," an inside look at Bush in the days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the decisions he and his administration faced.
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"One of these days Osama, I'm gonna punch you in the face.."

Groucho 03-06-03 04:33 PM

I question the casting on this. If you want to do it as a drama, you're shooting yourself in the foot by getting the guy who did the role as in a parody.

Will there be a special appearance by Dana Carvey as Bush Sr?

Londo 03-06-03 04:36 PM

Well, call it comedy or what, but TB has the LOOK of Dubya dead on.. and the voice and manerisms...

but I do need to see if Matt and Trey are producing it...

Gizmo 03-06-03 08:00 PM

They are making a Thats My Bush movie...

Dacoops3 03-06-03 08:56 PM

Originally posted by GizmoDVD
They are making a Thats My Bush movie...
Are they really??? Or is this some kind of inside joke I am missing

Seantn 03-07-03 10:59 AM

I liked the show because it was a spoof on sitcoms. Would the movie be like a sitcom? I loved the fake laugh track that they always used and the strangest moments.

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