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HistoryProf 03-03-03 12:16 PM

Letterman has Shingles
I just saw a blurb that said that Letterman's eye problem was actuallly shingles. I always thought of that in the catgory of the "vapors" or some other ailment of yesteryear, but my fiance (a nurse) informed that it can happen to anyone who ever had chicken pox - it's a derivitive of the pox virus and can cause nerve damage. If caught early though the lasting effects can be nullified. What a f*ed up thing to happen though.....

And yes, they were already scheduled for repeats this week, but they said is return is open-ended.....hope it turns out all ok.

Patman 03-03-03 12:18 PM

I got shingles back in 1996. It made my bod feel all achey-like. Not fun.

WiccanPagan 03-03-03 12:33 PM

so he is still out with no chance of celebrity guests? willis was awesome.

hgar78 03-03-03 01:27 PM

i was surprised to hear it too. for some reason, i always thought shingles happened to bed-ridden people. maybe due to the fact that when i was really young my great-grandmother had it. it's funny how things like that stick with you yet when you do happen think about it later on you still have that initial impression of it. (i think that's what i meant to say) ;)

SuperJim88 03-03-03 02:36 PM

Letterman must've been reading some "dirty" magazines...... :D

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