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Patman 03-03-03 08:13 AM

Dragnet - 3/2/03
Pretty solid episode, though Ethan Embry's wide-eyed look about him annoys me. I did enjoy it when he went off on the guy who gave the false police report.

This show is pretty sordid. Why would anyone want to live in LA after watching this show on a weekly basis? :D

razorbackfan 03-03-03 08:19 AM

Very good episode. I usually don't like cops shows since they are so unrealistic, but last nights episode was as close to realism for tv as they could get. Frank kneeling down at the box in the Sports Park lot to keep from loosing it, and the camera pulling back was done very well. It did remind me of a case I was involved in some years ago. Something I would rather not remember.

Iron Chef 03-03-03 08:32 AM

Excellent episode.

monkyskunk 03-03-03 09:57 AM

I hadn't tuned into Dragnet since the first episode and I hadn't planned on watching this one either, for I was about ready to start viewing my tape of "I am a Celebrity get me outta here", but after viewing this episode I am gonna start tuning in more often for I think as well that this was an excellent episode, very intense and moving. I was really into it, especially loved the performance by Ed O' Neil. This was the first I ever heard of the term "family annihilator", so I was learning a few things as well about the men who commit such heinous crimes.

MrX 03-03-03 05:39 PM

I thought this was the best episode of the series so far. Ed O'Neal's reaction when he looked inside the box was wel done.

Jeraden 03-03-03 08:40 PM

Ed O'Neil is great. One of the few that can pull off such a dramatic character switch and be accepted as the polar opposite of his Al Bundy character.

Mourn 03-03-03 09:09 PM

Quite enjoyed this episode.

The nihlistic slant isn't seen all that often.

DavidY 03-03-03 11:03 PM

Good show so far IMO. Ed is great.....show got lucky that he got signed on as a replacement at the last moment.


Mark Holtz 03-05-03 06:30 PM

Of the episodes that I have seen so far, this is the BEST episode of the current Dragnet series.

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