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Kube 03-02-03 05:07 PM

What happened to Ebert? is he ok?
He looks like he had a stroke....hope he's ok.

bretski 03-02-03 06:01 PM

He had surgery a few weeks ago. Ebert has papillary (thyroid) cancer, a common (and curable) type.

SuperJim88 03-02-03 06:59 PM

Hope he's still able to operate his million-worthy thumb!!

adamblast 03-03-03 11:01 AM

Yeah, on one show a couple weeks back he looked really scary, like he'd had a total stroke, and they didn't say a thing about it...

They must have gotten lots of calls/emails, though, 'cause Ebert explained the next week that he'd just gotten out of surgery... He didn't discuss what kind of surgery it was... Simply said that he'd just had "part two of the surgery that last year's was part one of"...

sherm42 03-03-03 11:14 AM

He was talking like Stallone. One side of his moth would not move when he talked.

bigjim25 03-03-03 05:51 PM

Originally posted by sherm42 He was talking like Stallone.
Now that's bad. :D Hope he feels well soon. :up:

cooper2000 03-04-03 09:39 AM

He'll be able to eat popcorn in no time and with Butter too.

HistoryProf 03-04-03 11:39 AM

Well there it is....only six posts to get the first fat joke... -ohbfrank-

Chew 03-04-03 11:51 AM

Although I don't agree with his reviews too often, I hope he sticks around with the show for a long time. I don't think I can handle a "Roeper & ????" show.

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