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Norm de Plume 02-27-03 12:57 PM

"Cold Case Files" on A&E
Do others here watch this fascinating show? Bill Kurtis produces arguably the best true crime shows on television (American Justice, Investigative Reports) - full of details and documentation while eschewing reality-compromising reenactments.

"Medical Detectives" on TLC was also a superb true crime show, but new episodes are no longer being produced; I believe it now runs on Court TV (which I unfortunately don't get) as "Forensic Files".

madara 02-27-03 10:23 PM

Yes I been watching this show for years. I can be very very hard to watch as you say riveting and educational in way. You really should look into Court TV. I bigger fan of Forensic Files, System, and many others they have. Medical Devectives is good as you said not on much as is about half dozen other shows on various channels on my dish network lineup. Those forensic workers are such heroes and science is so amazing its hard to get past why someone would even thing they remotely get anyway with murder today.

Norm de Plume 03-01-03 05:01 PM

Unfortunately I just have cable at the moment, but I would love to see new episodes of Medical Detectives/Forensic Files again.

You're right, the methods these investigators use are amazing. Sometimes they solve a crime with only the tiniest shred of evidence, such as a single fibre or hair. In cases like that, I really begin to wonder about adherence to the "beyond a reasonable doubt" stricture.

Mourn 03-01-03 07:33 PM

I quite like cold case files... its very interesting to see how real police work is done, as opposed to the general tv portrayal.

Norm de Plume 03-03-03 12:42 PM

Yes, usually very mundane and clinical, unlike the flash n' dash of fictional cops.

Pac-Rat 03-03-03 03:46 PM

I'm glad you mentioned this show, I had never even heard of it before. After looking at the schedule, I can see why... Tuesday is the worst possible time to have something "new" on for me. I love :Forensic Files" and, of course, Bill Kurtis' past work. So I should like this show.
I know with "Forensic Files", sometimes the drama and suspense are better than any fictional story Hollywood can do. The episode that got me hooked was "A Voice From Beyond" where the woman's body was in the drum with plastic beads that was left by the curb years after the fact. And they used an address book that had most of the ink washed away to catch the killer. Quality stuff- both the detective work and the tv production.

I'm going to have to set my recorder for Sat. night (when it replays).

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