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B.A. 02-26-03 09:09 PM

That 70's Show - 02/26/03
Great episode w/ guest appearances by Fred Willard and Seth Green during the Paul Bunyan Days Festival in Point Place.

Eric and Red's fighting is killing me! This some hilarious stuff. Eric losing the Lincoln Log competition because he thought it would impress the judges to build the Millenium Falcon instead of a cabin.

Red (to Eric): "If that's a Star Wars thing, I'm gonna kick you in the ass!"

Eric: "It's not a Star Wars thing, it's a very rare falcon...that can do the Kessel Run in under 6 parsecs."

oh, what a great show.

jlatham 02-26-03 09:35 PM

How about Bobcat Goldthwait, he was hilarious!!! It's always great to see him back on television.

MrX 02-26-03 10:06 PM

Kittie was hilarious. "Oh honey, good for you":lol:

The Red and Eric parts were great also along with Seth and Fred.

the narrator 02-26-03 10:24 PM

one of the best episodes in a long time

costanza187 02-27-03 10:18 AM

First time I had seen the show in a long time, it was pretty funny.

conscience 02-27-03 01:31 PM

This is such a great show.

Sad that a lot of people miss it.

I loved when they were racing at the end with the gold in the "wagon". Pure hilarity.

The butt-less chaps gag was funny too.

"I lock the door and I cry. I cry like a little baby."

"Why do you need butt-less chaps for that?"


The milking the cow thing was hilarious too.

Kitty: "ed never was much for foreplay"
:Red has a hard time milking. Eric goes at it like he has done it before:
Kitty to Donna: "Well, honey good for you!"

MrX 02-27-03 02:05 PM

I forgot about "Pioneer Pete":lol:

The whole thing with the toy arrow was funny to. Drunk Kittie shooting it at the other team and then Donna shooting Bob when he was playing Pioneer Pete.

Da Thrilla 02-27-03 02:26 PM

Damn it...the tivo didn't record it for some reason...:mad:

Draven 02-27-03 02:37 PM

Fez: "I'd like to do it in an alley. My butt pressed up against a cold dumpster..."

Red: "Why are you eating?"
Eric: "Mostly for survival..."

It's all in the delivery. Topher Grace makes stuff funny just by how he says it.

conscience 02-27-03 03:04 PM

Originally posted by Draven
It's all in the delivery. Topher Grace makes stuff funny just by how he says it.

That is exactly what I have been saying.

CharlesC 02-28-03 09:55 AM

I'm in love with Donna.


Good googamooga.

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