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Buttmunker 02-26-03 04:53 PM

New Amityville documentary on A & E's "City Confidential"
Saturday, March 15th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Does anyone else know if other stations have any upcoming "Amityville" discussions anytime soon?

conscience 02-26-03 06:06 PM

are we talking about the house?

Red Dog 02-26-03 06:12 PM

Please bump this when it approaches. I'd like to set up a recording for it.

Buttmunker 02-27-03 08:02 AM

Originally posted by conscience
are we talking about the house?
It's about the house, the murders, the hoax. The Usual.

conscience 02-27-03 01:32 PM

oh yes. I remember watching these films.

Huh. Cool.

BJacks 02-27-03 05:03 PM

Cool, I worked in Amityville. I'll have to mark my calendar.

Buttmunker 03-12-03 04:28 PM

I hope they interview some of the surviving members of the DeFeo family (aunts, cousins, uncles, etc.) and the notorious killer himself - Ronald, Jr.

Buttmunker 03-17-03 04:52 PM

I thought the documentary was fair/good, but it wasn't as good as some others that I've seen in the past. For example, back in the '80's, I watched a short segment on "Inside Edition" on Amityville, and in this they featured an interview with Ronald DeFeo from prison.

In this current documentary, they didn't have any relevant interviews with surviving family members - only with patrons of the local watering hole. The first 15 minutes mentioned the town of Amityville's history, the fishing, the wonderful streets, etc. before they got into the story about the murders. I felt that was a lot of filler they felt necessary to use to kill time because they didn't bother getting any new information (very lazy).

On the plus side: they showed police photographs of the dead bodies in their beds - one of the mother and father, and one of the sons. With the picture of one of the sons (Marc or John), you could clearly see the bullet entrance wound. Very disturbing.

Frelledup 03-17-03 05:03 PM

Damn, I missed it.
So this did turn out to be a true story?
I remember reading the book when I was in High school but then latter them saying it had been a hoax.

Buttmunker 03-18-03 08:12 AM

This documentary was based on true events - that Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot and killed his mother, father, two sisters, and two brothers on November 13, 1974.

It mentioned the hoax that followed ("The Amityville Horror"), but it was mostly focused on the murders.

Groucho 03-18-03 08:14 AM

Anybody know when this will air again?

Red Dog 03-18-03 08:17 AM

Damn. Missed it.

Buttmunker 03-18-03 12:19 PM

At the very end, they showed the grave site of the DeFeo's - the stone displayed all six slain members dead in 1974, and new names of the grandparents, who apparently died in the 1980's.

There's one more blank space at the bottom right of the stone - will they put Ronnie DeFeo, Jr. there after he dies in prison?? That, my friends, is creepy. Family member or no.

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