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blahloney 02-24-03 01:12 PM

"The Office" on BBC America - anybody else watch this show?
Official Info @ BBC America

I've recently "discovered" this gem... and this show has me literally ROTFLMAO....

I was wondering if anybody else here watches this show?

BTW: yes the show is slightly mentioned on another thread but I thought it deserved a thread by itself.

BDB 02-24-03 03:07 PM

I love it, but sometimes it is way too cringeworthy. But mark me down as a fan.

rskinfn 02-24-03 06:47 PM

Brian Gevaris (David Brent) is simply the funniest actor on TV today. He is so dead on it is scary. Too bad there are only 6 episodes in series 1.

His best line, to Dawn : " I would love to wake up at the crack of Dawn"

MrPeanut 02-24-03 11:01 PM

I've been watching Coupling and the commercials for this show made me finally watch it today. I was pretty disappointed. It picked up towards the end though, so maybe it was just an off episode. Maybe I'll watch it again if the three of you are recommending it, but I'm in no rush.

huzefa 02-24-03 11:15 PM

It probably was an off episode. Everytime I watch this show, I have spasms of cringing and laughing my ass off.

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