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Tuan Jim 02-23-03 07:41 PM

Simpsons -- 2/23
Ok, it wasn't new. Guess I just missed it then. -- not sure how.

Was anyone else surprised by the scheduling? A brand new Simpsons at 7:00 PM.

That said, I thought it was a pretty funny episode overall. Efcot Center was classic -- Eastern Airlines, electric cars, etc.

Skinner's Vietnam War flashback was pretty good too.

other quotes: Willy: "Willy's sent many a Vermont bear."
Mrs. Skinner: "He's got tiny chimp hands."

Tuan Jim

BabiG 02-23-03 07:55 PM

It wasn't new, they showed it a few weeks ago (though I never saw the episode after it, where Bart and Lisa were put in the 3rd grade), and little Richard says NAKED.

yea, what's on your mind? ;)

Rogue588 02-23-03 07:57 PM


I thought I missed a new one in favour of the Grammys...

madcougar 02-23-03 08:14 PM

Loved when Bart asks god to "strike down these mountain folks."

Tuan Jim 02-23-03 08:30 PM

Originally posted by BabiG
never saw the episode after it,
Showed at least a month ago. Think we argued about it here -- dumb putting them both in the same class, etc.

Tuan Jim

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