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Rypro 525 02-22-03 10:36 PM

Anybody else get a muffled sound from the Jay Z concert on showtime?
I watched parts of it, and it was very hard to hear what he was saying, so I was wondering if it was my system or if it was the mikes that they used? Anyone else expierence the same?

tsohg 02-22-03 10:44 PM

Damn I missed it was it any good?

Rypro 525 02-22-03 10:48 PM

It was decent, I'm not the biggest Jay Z fan out there, but it was fine. He did the majority of his hits, and enjoyed doing the "lets stop the record playing and let the audence sing along" thing. Oh yeah, if you get showtime wast, it should be on at midnight et.

dgmayor 02-22-03 11:14 PM

I cought the end of it waiting for the fight to start, and yeah, it was muffled to the point where it was really inaudible.

Dacoops3 02-22-03 11:32 PM

I am watching it on Showtime West now and the sound is horrible. It sounds like a bootleg recording. Too bad too because I was looking forward to catching this.

Michael T Hudson 02-23-03 10:39 AM

It sounded so bad. I had to turn it off. I wonder how the sound was live?

Creek Rat 02-23-03 11:26 AM

The sound was OK when I saw it but I only tuned in at 9:00 when the fight was going to start.

I wondered at the time why it went so long when the cable guide said Lazy J till 9:00 then Boxing 9:00 to 10. But then is if by magic it all worked out for the best with a 43 second fight! As if they know they would need to fill in some time!

RoQuEr 02-23-03 05:57 PM

have you ever been to a rap/hiphp concert? Thats what they sound like......

Rypro 525 02-24-03 06:46 PM

I doubt they would sound that bad where it was even hard to here the beat in the backround.

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