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GatorDeb 02-20-03 08:00 PM

The Shield general discussion.
Just got through Carnivores (ep 11) on the first season DVD set and I'm LOVING it. I bought it blind and am totally hooked.

So this is the thread to talk about what a wonderful show this is :)

Angel Pagan 02-21-03 09:11 PM

Blind purchase for me also. Just finished the season and loved it. Can't wait for season 2 to end on FX so I can catch the reruns. Currently, it's at episode 8 of 13. Hopefully they'll do a marathon.

Geofferson 02-21-03 10:21 PM

Wonderful show. I haven't picked up the box set yet, but I plan on doing so shortly.

CCPrescott 02-21-03 10:32 PM

Is FX planning to do a marathon of 2nd season episodes anytime soon or start replaying the 2nd season? I finished the box set of season 1 a couple weeks ago and didn't want to watch the 2nd season out of order. And after seeing the whole first season I'm hooked. I've also got my coworkers hooked after they borrowed my discs. So, I'm sure they'd be interested to know when to start watching 2nd season episodes.

Thanks to anyone who knows.


ChefWinduAZ 02-21-03 10:33 PM

I also picked up the first season as a blind buy and watched a marathon of all of the episodes in one weekend in time to watch the reairing of the 2nd season premiere. I cannot believe that I hadn't been watching this show.

MrX 02-22-03 12:35 AM

After this season is over they'll replay the whole thing. They usually have it so they'll play a ep a night. The premiere will be on a Monday, then the 2nd ep of the seaon will be on Tuesday and it will go on from there for 2 weeks.

GatorDeb 02-22-03 02:44 PM

I finished the set :up: Can't wait for the second season marathon :)

indycohiba 02-22-03 10:37 PM

Another yeah yeah!

Boot 02-23-03 12:16 AM

I was fortunate enough to tune it on the first episode of the season one rerun and I haven't missed an episode yet. Easily the best drama on TV, IMO.

Spanky BananaPants 02-24-03 11:08 AM

I caught Season 1 on DVD and my DirecTiVo caught Season 2. I'm now caught up. This show is so addictive, and easily my favorite show on right now. In fact, with the decline of The Sopranos over the last few seasons, and their 18 month hiatus pretty common between seasons, this show edges it out.

A co-worker and I were discussing whether a channel like HBO could do this show any better, and I don't think they could. Hats off to FX for this gem!

Draven 02-24-03 01:50 PM

I can proudly say I've been watching the show since Day 1, mostly due to the extremely creative and well-edited spots they aired (I'm a video editor...I notice that stuff.)

I think every single episode is strong, and there aren't ever any "why did that character do that!?!?" that I get from some of my other favorites (Buffy, Angel, Alias, CSI...) Great acting, very natural use of language (swearing, but not over the top) and interesting stories.

Love the show.

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