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LurkerWilson 02-20-03 03:42 PM

Tonight: on Donahue - Is the War Unconstitutional?
Tonight: Is the War Unconstitutional?

Phil launches a debate you won't find elsewhere in the media: Is the war unconstitutional, as a new lawsuit charges? The suit -- filed by six members of Congress, several U.S. soldiers and parents of servicemen -- seeks to prevent the President from initiating an invasion of Iraq without a declaration of war from Congress. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution says Congress, not the President, has the power to declare
war. Explaining their lawsuit on "Donahue" will be Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) and parents of a Marine already deployed to the Gulf.

Some say the suit itself is unpatriotic or unsupportive of the troops. Phil welcomes Rev. Jerry Falwell, conservative talk radio host Mike Gallagher, former Republican Gov. James Gilmore of Virginia and the mother of a U.S. soldier stationed just miles from the Iraqi border, who will all explain their objections to the suit.

Not enough show for you? Renowned lawyer Jerry Spence will also make an appearance, assessing the suit's chances.

"We have a message for President Bush today: Read the Constitution," declared lawyer John Bonifaz on the day he filed the suit. "A war against Iraq without a congressional declaration of war is illegal and unconstitutional."

djmont 02-20-03 03:50 PM

Man, Phil's still fighting the Vietnam war. I thought his MSNBC show was cancelled(?). I think he's lucky to pull a 1 share.

Congress already voted approval for the use of force, which should be good enough.

Pants 02-20-03 03:52 PM

Is the War Unconstitutional?
Does anyone care? The majority want the war...they're gonna get it.

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