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KrazyKal99 02-19-03 08:12 PM

Keep the Faith in Sunnydale!!
Fellow Buffy fans, show your support! Because this is potentially the last season of Buffy, my girlfriend and I started a petition that we intend to send to Mutant Enemy on March 15th showing support for a Faith centric spin-off. Please go sign it here:

Buffy Online Spin-Off Petition

We know there have been rumors of a show based on Faith, but we're hoping that something like this will encourage serious negotiations with Eliza.


Dr. DVD 02-19-03 08:33 PM

Why didn't you just title the thread " Keep the Faith in Sunnydale!" or something like that?

Or more appropriately: Isn't Eliza Dushku Hot? Let's try to get her a series that would beat a dead horse but let us guys gawk at her once a week!

Not to attack you, but I think our beloved Faith's fate has already been decided. :(

inVectiVe 02-19-03 11:55 PM

Originally posted by Dr. DVD
Or more appropriately: Isn't Eliza Dushku Hot? Let's try to get her a series that would beat a dead horse but let us guys gawk at her once a week!
The thing is, I'd normally tend to agree with this. I've always felt that "Cuz the chick is HOT!" is a weak reason to watch a TV show / see a (non-porn) movie / buy a CD. In my defense, as much as I like Pam Anderson (and the general body type the show promotes), I've *never* watched Baywatch. And I also won't be seeing Eliza in "The New Guy," which everyone around here says is awful.

Buuuuuuut, I had to make an exception in this case. Typical male behavior, I know, but I truly believe Eliza might be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. And I'm obviously biased, but I did feel the Faith character was quite compelling during her Buffy stint. Liked the whole Dark Jedi vibe she had workin'. I honestly think that a spin-off could be worth watching - certainly more so than if, say, they gave Eliza some lame cookie-cutter NBC sitcom.

Long story short: I signed the petition. :)

JTH182 02-20-03 03:17 AM

I think they already did this... it's called ANGEL. :lol:

Adam Tyner 02-20-03 06:21 AM

There is absolutely no way this sort of petition will have any effect whatsoever.

Morf 02-20-03 07:45 AM





Dr. DVD 02-20-03 08:19 AM

The only way a Faith series can happen, I feel, is to have it be more or less a recurring mini-series of movies a la Kingpin.

Seriously, most of the cast members want to move on, and the stories were getting dangerously close to sour last year. A series that focuses on a different character would not work if they had the same setting. (See what happened with X-Files.)

My idea: have a few two hour TV movies that follow Faith across the country/world taking out a few baddies here and there along the way. It would be something new all the time, and it wouldn't go sour as fast.

Tom Campbell 02-20-03 08:41 AM

A Faith series wouldn't have to be dependent on carry-over characters from Buffy. Even so, not all of the actors have said they're through with it. In fact, Marsters has basically said ge'll stick around as long as they'll have him.

So, they could come up with a show for her in much the same way they did Angel. Introduce a supporting cast (with maybe one or two carry-overs from Buffy), change the setting, and work out a basic overall course for the series. Once that's in place, I think the character and actress are strong enough to carry such a show.

LiquidSky 02-20-03 08:45 AM

As long as Dawn is not involved I will watch if there is a spinoff.

KrazyKal99 02-20-03 09:02 AM

Thanks to everyone who's been supportive and signed so far.

cooper2000 02-21-03 06:38 PM

I love Buffy and I love Angel and I love Faith but I dont want them to pull what they did with Trek and X-files and milk a dead horse.
Buffy is showing its age and I think they should end it while they are still on top.
I am not for yet another spin off.

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