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Boot 02-19-03 08:11 PM

When is the next Big Brother going to start?
Also, has anybody heard anything about Lisa and Whatshisface?

briank 02-19-03 08:25 PM

Think Lisa and Eric are long gone.

She was on Howard Stern recently.
She got $500,000, and seemed to have spent a GREAT portion of that already, and is "guesstimating" her tax bill on the winnings for this April.

Usually Big Brother is during the Summer months.

WhiteRob 02-19-03 08:29 PM

It's not 100% confirmed, but I hear June 24th.

Cheddarmuff 02-19-03 08:30 PM

Spent most of the money....now that's funny...:)

Is this Big Brother MCXVII or what...

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