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palebluedot 02-18-03 11:21 AM

What the heck are the Trumpet Awards?!?
Just saw a advertisement for them....11th annual...where have I been?

tofu 02-18-03 11:56 AM


Groucho 02-18-03 12:00 PM

I've always thought of every awards show as the "Trumpet Awards." After all, they are nothing more than a bunch of people tooting their own horns.

palebluedot 02-18-03 12:57 PM

Yikes...I am going to start my own awards show..."The Dumbass Awards Show Awards"

littlefuzzy 02-18-03 08:23 PM

Oops, I thought you said the Strumpet Awards...

<backs out of thread> ;)

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