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Combat Missions 13 Feb

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Combat Missions 13 Feb

Okay since Static is slow this morning

I thought it was a good one this time. I'm glad Charlie lost, and it's not like the 50 points from the swim would've helped.

How could they have lost 4 guys?? They really suck.

And I'm glad the bonehead Ed got the boot. Their decision to bring in WEB .... mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm
he's a cutie!!!

Is Charlie ever gonna go against anyone else 'sides Delta???
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Hey, I just figured I'd wait to see if anyone else was as interested in it as I was. My thoughts...

Great show... although I liked it better the first time I saw it, when it was called "Jody Taylor Saves The Day." Just kidding, this one was fine, too. Nutter's antics weren't THAT funny, but the aftermath with COL Rudy was HILARIOUS. Especially the way they set it up. Rudy says Nutter's name, you see a shot of Nutter goofing off again, and without any warning, Nutter's stepping into Rudy's office... I couldn't stop laughing, especially with Rudy's great suggestion.

Snake Pit and Snake Pit Vipers time was kept to a minimum... bravo.

I didn't feel like the concept and progression of the mission was as well portrayed as the last two missions were. I guess that's because of the fact that the missions are inside, so it's hard to get good camera work and to show them flowing through the complex.

I was sad to see Ed go. He reminds me of my Grandpa. Charlie lost another 20% of its crustiness, and is starting to become slightly pretty-boyish. I could just see Cade thinking to himself, "Thank goodness, someone I can swap hair care tips with."

From the preview, the next ep...
looks REALLY intriguing. More Jody feeling out-of-shape on what looks to be an obstacle course, which is always good for a smile. Alpha Squad leader O'Shea going over to visit Bravo Squad? To pick their brains on CQB tactics, maybe? VERY interesting. And one of the squads (it looks to be Alpha) uses some boneheaded (I'm thinking unsafe, as opposed to just unwise) tactics, and the Sergeant Major takes the opportunity to open up a forty of verbal whoop-ass.
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Re: Combat Missions 13 Feb

Originally posted by IdgIe49
How could they have lost 4 guys?? They really suck.
CQB (Close Quarters Battle, the type of combat that was portrayed in the mission) is notorious for having high casualty rates on both sides. I'm not surprised that Charlie lost four guys... but I'm amazed that Delta didn't lose anyone. Consider that people that specialize in SWAT/CQB tactics practice as a team for months, and eventually years, together. Unless they're on a call-up (a mission), they're probably training. They're all taught the same tactics from the beginning, so eventually they know exactly what their other teammates are thinking.

Contrast that with Delta Squad, who's been together for who knows how long... at the MOST, I'd say five weeks. They've all been trained in different ways, by different people. And they're thrown into their first CQB mission together, and they get out alive with no casualties. That's pretty good.
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