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**SPOILERS** WWF Smackdown Taping Results for 10/18

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**SPOILERS** WWF Smackdown Taping Results for 10/18

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**SPOILERS** WWF Smackdown Taping Results for 10/18

From WrestleZone.com

**SPOILERS** WWF Smackdown Taping Results

Written by Fred Cook on October 17, 2001
Thanks to Adam Solomon for sending in the following

Smackdown stars with the fireworks

Y2J comes out and says that never since he came to the WWF, he hasnít gotten a title shot.
He says that everyone keeps talking about how he has no chance in beating The Rock at No Mercy. He says that he has been in the WCW for so long, and even there he has never gotten a shot at the WCW title. Stephanie comes out, and starts talking to Y2J, but gets made fun of. She says that she hopes that The Rock will smash him at No Mercy. The Great One then comes out, and starts talking to Y2J. They both end up making fun of Stephanie, which makes her leave. Rock talks trash to Y2J. Y2J puts his hand in The Rock's face. He then does the just bring it sign, which makes The Rock give him the Rock Bottom.

There is a limo outside, but we don't know who's in it.

We see all of the Alliance in the locker room, and they are about to have a party! Austin says that the party is for RVD, because he helped him beat Angle. Austin says that RVD wham! hit the Five Star Frogspalsh on Angle, and helped Austin win. Then Tazz says that that at No Mercy, that can be a bad thing, because if RVD does it again, there is a good chance that he will pin Angle, and Austin will lose his title. Austin tells Tazz to leave.

A recap of the Hurricane and Molly pulling down the APA's office is shown.

Hurricane, Lance Storm and Mighty Molly vs. The Hardy Boyz and Lita
Storm and Hurricane with a beautiful fireman's carry/neckbreaker combo. Jeff with a huge dive to the outside. Molly and Lita fight in the ring. In the end, Hurricane hits the Nightmare on Helms Street and gets the pin.
Winners: Hurricane, Lance Storm and Mighty Molly

We see the APA in the back, they are near the Hurracycle. Looks like they are planning on taking it for a ride. Farooq was going to drive, but he had a little too many drinks so Bradshaw drives, and they leave.

We see the limo again; the door opens, but then closes.

The alliance again in the back, waiting for RVD. They were all wearing party hats, and Stephanie comes in. She says that what Austin did on Monday was great. William Regal introduces to the Alliance their newest member, Christian!!! He says how well it feels to finally be on a team, where champions get the respect they truly deserve.

Maven vs. Tazz
Maven came down with Nidia. Tazz with a Tazzplex 1-2- no. Tazz with a T- Bone suplex 1-2- Nidia pulls his leg. Tazz goes back to maven, who gets him in a small package 1-2-3!!!
Winner: Maven

Lillian Garcia interviews Mick Foley in the back. He says how great it is to be right here, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada! He says that he has paired The Rock and Jericho later tonight. Lillian says that the two hate each other. Foley says that Lillian and him also used to be rivals. With all the times that she has hit him, and now she is right there in his office.

We see the limo again, and RVD comes out. But he is talking to someone else inside the limo.

RVD gets to the locker room, as he is welcomed by the alliance. Austin, as a gift gives RVD his watch. Austin says that the watch is saying that it is now time for RVD to be a big star.

Booker T. and Test vs. Undertaker and Kane:
Good match, action spills into the outside allot. Undertaker lifts Booker up by his arm, and then hits the old school. Taker with Chokeslam to Booker. Test breaks the pin. Taker with a chokeslam to Test. Taker sets Booker up for the last ride. When he lifts Booker up, Test comes and hits him with the boot. Booker pins Taker 1-2-3.
Winners: Booker T. and Test

The limo is shown again. Guess who steps out of the limo?? It's Vince!!! Vince is back!!!

Tajiri with the Big Show Def. D-Von with Buh Buh and Stacy
Tajiri with a missile dropkick. Tajiri with different kicks. D-Von gets the advantage, and hits a flying headbutt on Tajiri. Tajiri locks the Tarantula. Buh Buh enters and hits the 3D with D-Von on Tajiri. Big Show gets involved and chokeslams D-Von. Tajiri Pins D-Von. Stacy then in the ring, and all of a sudden Torrie Wilson comes to the ring, slaps Stacy, and takes off her pants.
Winner: Tajiri

It is announced that The Big Show and Tajiri will face the Dudleyz at No Mercy.

Austin in the back is mad at RVD. He asks him what the hell he was doing with Vince?! RVD says that Vince was just helping him reach that star. Austin tells RVD that he won't reach the stars.
Austin asks for his watch back, and says that the watch says that it is time for RVD to make up his mind.(I think) Austin says that RVD has to choose, he either is with him, or he's against him. RVD says that it's cool, because when youíre RVD, then everything is cool.

Rock and Jericho Vs. Raven and Mike Awesome
Y2J goes straight after the Rock. He brings a chair into the ring. He wipes out all three men.
He then hits the People's Elbow on the Rock and leaves.
Winner No Contest

Recap of Edge/Christian segment on Raw.

Interview with Edge. Edge says that at No Mercy, Christian will pay.

Kurt Angle Vs. RVD
Angle and RVD start. Angle attempts the Angle slam, but RVD reverses. Missile dropkick by RVD. Angle tries the Ankle Lock, but RVD kicks him away. Rolling Thunder by RVD. (Angle is bleeding). Austin comes down and beats up Angle. He then beats up RVD. Austin and Angle in the ring, they fight. They get into a situation where they both lay down, and after much thinking, RVD hits Austin with the Five Star Frog splash. Angle hits RVD with the Angle Slam. Vince then comes to the ramp, and does the RVD sign. He talks to RVD. Angle leaves. RVD hits the Five Star on Austin again.
Winner: No Contest

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