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NC-36 10-16-01 07:03 PM

History Channel to Air WTC Special
Saw this a tvinsite.com, so dust off that VCR -


History Channel to Air WTC Special

By R. Thomas Umstead
Multichannel News
10/16/2001 4:20:00 PM

The History Channel will air an episode of its Modern Marvels Wednesday focusing on the development of the World Trade Center, after initially balking to telecast the show due to the Sept. 11 attack on and destruction of the twin towers.

The one-hour special, about the design and engineering of the WTC, will air at 10 p.m. in its entirety.

The show will also air commercial-free -- the network will instead air public-service announcements from the American Red Cross.

'This is a celebration of the World Trade Center, and we’re presenting the show as a historical record of its life and its history,' spokesman Gary Morgenstein said.

nevermind 10-17-01 03:13 PM

Bump. It's tonight.

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