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zooroaster 10-13-01 11:25 PM

Anyone else looking forward to 24
Anyone else looking forward to 24?

I reality drama; now theres an idea.

And also the resurrection of K. Sutherland!

Charlie Goose 10-14-01 02:28 AM

I was thinking about catching it, but it's up against "NYPD Blue" now. Keifer vs. Sipowicz? No contest.

RolloTomasi 10-14-01 01:25 PM

I have been wanting to see this show ever since I saw the first commercial. What time does it come on?

zooroaster 10-15-01 12:00 AM

Not sure but I know it doesn't start until Nov.

explosivej 10-15-01 12:24 AM

It looks interesting

It start's Tuesday November 6th, 9 pm/8 central

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