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ccoolidge 07-27-01 12:15 PM

Poll: Who was the best Talk Soup Host?
Who was your favorite? For me it is a tough choice between Skunk Boy John Henson and the original host, Greg Kinnear. John had some of the best skits and lines and was incredibly funny, but Greg was the KING of the 'no-need-to-say-anything-stare'. After some crazy highlight, he just had this look where he wouldn't even say anything for a minute, it was funnier than anything he could've said. All the other hosts tried it, but just couldn't do it as well.

big whoppa 07-27-01 12:41 PM

Skunk boy, John Henson, was the best. Greg was great and he certainly had his own style to the show but John was flat-out the funniest. I really miss John.

Hal had no "Sparks." When he was gone, I thought that perhaps he was fired because he wasn't funny no matter how hard he tried.

Aisha is trying but she's not there yet. Pretty gal though.

Some of the celebrity guests who played host were good while the producers were looking for a permanent host. One of the baywatch beauties, Donna D'erico was particularly funny.

dek 07-27-01 12:44 PM

Greg Kinnear. Period. It's just some other show without him. The new chick sucks. Unfunny.

Film_Lover 07-27-01 01:20 PM

Easy. Greg Kinnear -- end of story. There would never have been Talk Soup without him -- don't get me wrong, I enjoyed some of John Henson's moments, but I was always wishing that Greg would come back. And he did -- for one week he filled in while John was on vacation, and life was good. I thought Sparky was cute -- but to be honest, he was the subject of bad timing, he came along just as the Talk Show boom was starting to falter and he didn't have a lot of good stuff to work with.

I remember when E! was just starting out -- Greg MADE Talk Soup, and he helped make E! a household name.

JsphOfArimethia 07-27-01 01:21 PM

I vote John Henson. Also, does anyone remember when Adam and Dr. Drew from Loveline hosted.:lol:

Meatpants 07-27-01 02:04 PM

Greg may have been a better host, but w/ John they went to more sketch-oriented stuff. I'd have to go w/ <b>John</b>.

MasterofDVD 07-27-01 04:42 PM

Finally a poll worth server space. :D

I voted for Skunk Boy.

I never saw it with Greg which is good cause I never liked him in anything else he's done.

Hal was lame. Just plain retarded! I swear that the probably had to pay the crew more while he was there so they would laugh at the stupid stuff he said.

As for the new girl.....I haven't watched her much. What I have seen was so so. Her pics in Maxim this month looked real good though. :jawdrop:

When John was there I would watch the weekend show every single time it was on during the weekend cause he was that funny. I haven't had any interest in the show since he left.

The Eggman 07-27-01 05:38 PM

I have not watched since Henson left. I loved the show when he was on.

BTW whatever happened to him? I heard he signed a developemt deal with CBS - that's why he left.

I realize it was E!, but I would think everyone would've learned by now the David Caruso rule of television.

THX 1138 07-27-01 05:40 PM

Greg Kinner was a good host, but John Henson was the best!

I miss SENOR SOCK!!!!!

Hal Sparks and Aisha Tyler both suck big time.

Dayewalker 07-27-01 08:43 PM

John Henson was by far the best. I miss Skunk boy! The show just hasn't been the same without him. :(

ClarkKentKY 07-27-01 08:58 PM

Talk abotu your stupid career moves... John Henson just ups and leaves the show cause ABC has thrown all these promises his way... And what does he get.. "World's Funniest shots to the nads" And whats worse is they've replaced him with tom bergeron.

Geofferson 07-27-01 09:38 PM

Greg Kinnear by a mile. It all went downhill from there...

garmonbozia 07-28-01 09:13 AM

I never watched the show after skunk boy left...

greeny 07-28-01 09:35 AM

I never watched the show anymore after John Henson left. He was great on it and it was the most entertaining thing on e!. It is really a shame what happened to him (quit the show to host crap on CBS).

Number_One 07-28-01 10:50 AM

I'll take Henson. I thought Kinnear was funny (can't stand him now) and refused to watch after he left. Then, I caught a few episodes with Skunk Boy and I was pretty hooked. I watched that show on a fairly regular basis. Haven't really watched much since he left. Talk about bad career moves. The last thing listed for Henson on imdb is some movie starring Tom Arnold and Scott Baio. Yikes.

overlord 07-28-01 02:41 PM

For pure viewing pleasure, I gotta go w/ Aisha. She's one of the best-looking women on TV, PLUS she's got a sense of humour. What more could you really ask for?


matta 07-28-01 04:16 PM

I've only watched 2 shows since Skunk Boy left. I watched the first Hal Sparks, and never turned it on again. Then I recently watched the chick. Not gonna watch it for awhile. I miss the skunk spot and senor sock :(

Lethal Nemesis 07-29-01 01:00 AM

John was the funniest and best host of Talk Soup. He had a lot of funny skits, but one skit that sticks out in my mind was when he was sitting in the chair and he rolled back too far and fell backwards (I'm pretty sure it was planned). He got up right away all "embarassed" and got all defensive while the crew laughed at him. That cracked me up! ..I guess you have to see it in order for it to be funny :o

IIG 07-29-01 05:18 AM

John Henson was the best host, period. Aisha Tyler is the best <i>looking</i> host (I guess Whoopi Goldberg could have been the host, and I would have said the same thing. But Aisha looks amazing though). That is all.

big whoppa 07-29-01 07:34 AM

Originally posted by overlord
For pure viewing pleasure, I gotta go w/ Aisha. She's one of the best-looking women on TV, PLUS she's got a sense of humour. What more could you really ask for?


If she wore that on the show, she'd definitely draw more viewers! :D

Alyoshka 07-29-01 10:24 AM

I always thought that John Henson was incredibly funny on the show. I rarely watch it anymore.

Kevin H 07-29-01 11:55 PM

Henson was the best, I think.

Giantrobo 07-30-01 06:21 PM

Aisha is surprisingly funning. Most cute girls aren't. In fact, most cute girls are BORING because they don't have to worry about conversation.....

man that Robo's a pig!

Iron Chef 07-30-01 06:39 PM


Boot 07-31-01 09:49 PM

Definitely Greg Kinnear. I can't believe John Henson has so many fans here. No offense to those who like him, but I always thought he was a fidiot. He comes across as too cutesy to me.

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