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JsphOfArimethia 07-27-01 08:52 AM

Howard Stern tonight.
Just a reminder to Howard fans that tonight they will be airing the A.J. / Stuttering John fight. To those who don't know, as of Wednesday A.J. is no longer on the show. Tonight at 11pm E! is going to show you why.:D If you can't wait to see what I'm talking about and you have a high speed connection visit:http://www.howardstern.com

This is the best the Stern show has been in a really long time.:)

Kevin H 07-27-01 11:31 AM

Cool I'd like to see the whole show...That clip was interesting to watch.

Patman 07-27-01 01:06 PM

Is AJ the guy that's always holding the mike for the guest, and has some sort of goatee?

AgtFox 07-27-01 01:09 PM

No, that's KC. AJ is one of the revolving people who sit in for Jackie's vacant spot.

Film_Lover 07-27-01 01:13 PM

A.J. Benza hosts that show Mysteries and Scandals on E! and had his own late-night show A.J. After Hours that was canned, and that's why he slapped Stuttering John...thanks for the heads-up -- I know what I'll be watching at 2:00 AM this morning (Planet of the Apes opens today baby, YEAH!)

JsphOfArimethia 07-27-01 01:19 PM

Special Note: Not only are they playing the fight at 11 and 11:30, but at 12 they will be playing an episode of AJ After Hours just so that people know what started it all.

Ahhh. Tonight on a very special Howard Stern... :D

Patman 07-27-01 01:24 PM

Ahhhhh....okay, now I'm on the same page. I can't stand stuttering John, so it'll be good to see AJ slap him...

MasterofDVD 07-27-01 04:51 PM

I'm gonna watch this for sure. John's not my favorite on the show but I would of loved to see him tear into AJ.

I never liked AJ on the show and I certainly won't miss him at all.

Charlie Goose 07-27-01 05:41 PM

Benza has always been a little strange. He lives under some weird wannabe mafia gangster code, I think he likes to pretend he's on The Sopranos. Gives the rest of us gentle Eye-talians a bad name. :)

JsphOfArimethia 07-27-01 06:06 PM

Yeah, I still remember how that code of his worked out with Chuck Zito.;)

Chuck dropped him like a sack a potatoes.

Preemptive answer: Chuck Zito is a Hell's Angel who starred in HBO's OZ. He was the big Eye-talian who was the right hand of that boss. Wore those b&w striped parachute pants.

homeslice 07-27-01 09:35 PM

LOL I loved how Baba Booey says go home, then backs down by adding "not like.. go home, but ... go home and calm down".

Jesus, grow some balls and just send him home. If I jabbed someone at my work, they'd send me home and I'm fired.

Geofferson 07-27-01 09:37 PM

Nice. I'll be sure to catch this one. Thanks for the reminder.

ClarkKentKY 07-27-01 10:09 PM


Patman 07-27-01 11:12 PM

Hahaha, just watched this, and it was plenty funny. The Donald Trump phone call into the show was funny as well.

Tommy_Harn 07-30-01 04:40 PM

I missed this one. Any news on an oncore performance?

Big Pudge 07-30-01 04:46 PM

damn, 4 real, i wanna see this one, whens an encore of it???

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