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apeyard 06-19-01 02:17 PM

The first stunt on last nights episode:
Each time one of the contestants jumped from truck to truck, we saw a continuous shot of them jumping and then a shot of the other contestants reaction. When the last girl jumped, they kept cutting to different angles. For example, as she was in the air, they shot her from below. We never got to see her face as she was actually jumping. Furthermore, once she made it, there was no reaction shot from the other 2 contestants that had already made the jump. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think they fixed it so that one of the girls would make the jump and continue on. (Yes, I realize that she didn't even attempt the second stunt).

If the type of contests don't change, I don't think a woman can ever win the $50,000. Some of the contests are definitely biased towards men. Physiologically, men are more muscular and can jump farther.

If it ever comes out that Fear Factor was fixed in any way, I just want to be on record as saying I think it is.

Venusian 06-19-01 02:18 PM

a lot of the stuff is rather cheesy, how they psych each other out and crap

lesterlong 06-20-01 12:22 AM

It might be fixed but I don't think its because of the camera angles. I think the other people just choked when it came to jumping and possibly the two trucks moved in closer for her.

mllefoo 06-20-01 01:39 AM

I question some of the stunts. Although the tub of mealworms would not have bothered me, I know what a gazillion of those worms can do to a person. Hint: they weren't biting those guys. They were attempting to EAT those guys. There is a reason most reptile owners will tell you not to leave mealworms in the cage with your favorite lizard. I've seen reptiles eaten alive by those little beasties.

That said, if I could keep from breathing in the smell (I know the smell intimately...having kept a number of mealworm tubs available for my reptilian beasties), I could easily have lain in that tub for four minutes, painful as it would be. And I would have eaten the worms. They taste like Cheerios. Seriously.


Jeraden 06-20-01 07:14 AM

Well, the first episode the only one that really might have been unfair towards women was the car challenge. However, both women lost before they even got to a part where strength was required. I mean, you need no strength at all to climb out of a car window, they were just paranoid from being up so high. I could see where they might not be able to pull themselves back up after getting the flag from the front of the car, but they didn't even make it out the window. Think about it, if that car was just parked in your driveway, how could you not even make it out the window?

The 2nd episode I don't really think any were biased. Strength is one thing, but I think almost anyone could have jumped that gap - it was just that they were psyched out by moving so fast, it wasn't really that far.

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