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thejammy 06-15-01 08:56 AM

WOOHOO!, I just on the radio that David Hasselhoff is putting together a new Knight Rider show. He will play the main agent of FLAG where Devon Miles used to sit.

He is putting together a smaller collection of younger agents who will pursue criminals who think they are "above the law". (cue flying car) :lol:

I am really excited. I cannot wait. If anyone has any more info please let me know.

Just found this on IMDB:
"Michael Knight comes out of retirement after being frozen, because he was injected with a fatal poison. Devon, who is now the great-great-grandniece of Devon Miles, Michael's boss and mentor, is now running the Foundation for Law and Government, which is called FLAG. She, with her new partner (a very young Michael Knight type), will team up with the original Michael Knight and the new K.I.T.T. to carry on what will be the Knight Rider 3000 in the future."

Also if anyone remembers RC3 is looking forward to coming and joining the cast as well.

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Venusian 06-15-01 09:42 AM

didn't they make a knight rider 2000 movie a while back, years ago when fox was on a movie making role...they had made a bond for tv also at the same time?

das Monkey 06-15-01 10:05 AM

Shoot me now ... what a bad idea.

In response to the question, yeah, they made "Knight Rider 2000" which was pretty stupid and then "Knight Rider 2010" which was an insult to humanity everywhere. Then you have "Team Knight Rider" which wasn't as bad as the films, but the concept of a team of FLAG agents doesn't work. It has to be one lone man with a mysterious past. Like "The A-Team" movie, I hope this never makes it to the screen.


ClarkKentKY 06-15-01 11:28 AM

Awww, Team knight rider was horrible! I kinda liked KR2010.. Just cause they used a new bodystyle firebird and modified it a little :)

I think it would be rad if they threw a little retro into the show... Its cool if all the new kids drive new cars, but i want to see hasslehoff in a 80's Black TransAm :)

Geofferson 06-15-01 01:06 PM

I'll believe it when I see it.

renaldow 06-15-01 07:39 PM

How very sad. As if the other Knight Rider's weren't bad enough!

JohnPhoenix 06-15-01 08:18 PM

if humanity is still driving cars in the year 3000, then something's really wrong.

I love Knight Rider, but I am afraid this may be pushing it a little...

JuryDuty 06-20-01 04:20 PM

TV Notes: 'Knight Rider' Returns

Updated: Mon, Jun 18 6:17 PM EDT


Knight Rider will ride again. David Hasselhoff is planning to bring his 1980s hit into the 21st century.

The former Baywatch hunk recently told Entertainment Weekly that Michael Knight is coming out of retirement, hiring a couple of kids, and bringing an updated version of Kitt the talking car back to battle criminals.

"I'll be the older, cool boss who oversees this incredibly updated car," he said.

The original voice of Kitt, Screen Actors Guild President William Daniels, has already committed to the project. His credits also include portraying a teacher on Boy Meets World and an acerbic doctor on St. Elsewhere.

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