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Tanaraq 06-13-01 06:11 PM

I live in Canada so I never saw Austin Stories on MTV when it first aired, but my brother just showed me two tapes he got of all the episodes (only 12 sadly) but they were terrible quality and a few episodes weren't complete. Somehow they crammed 12 30 minute episodes into 4 hours of tape. ANyway, I LOVED this show. It consistenly cracked me up and I can't believe it didn't last.

Anybody else remember this little gem and have any fond memories? I think my favourite was when Chip went Goth..."I'll have a slice of peperoni pizza, and for my friends (opens arms and drops cloak)...Pepsi".

Here's hoping for it to be shown again on air so I can watch it without having to squint.


Goblincat 06-13-01 09:43 PM

Funny... I almost started a thread on this show today. I loved it. The humor was great and the writing was brilliant. I truly miss this show and wish I had it on DVD (or even video tape).

nizzo 06-14-01 10:08 AM

That show was great, I cant believe they only had it on for one or two seasons.

renaldow 06-14-01 10:26 AM

I didn't like it. The acting was very sub-par, IMHO. Yeah, it had it's moments with humor, but I think the terrible acting totally destroyed what could've been a good show.

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