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theperson 06-12-01 09:25 PM

That was a really cool show. it is much better than the other stuff on Monday night.

Geofferson 06-13-01 01:40 PM

A friend of mine told me about this last night and it sounds really cool. I haven't seen it yet, but plan to catch it next Monday.

Venusian 06-13-01 02:07 PM

the car thing was cool, i would wanna try that, I doubt I'd get far though

Goldberg74 06-13-01 06:30 PM

It was alright... I thought the "psych-out" talk was really cheezy! I wonder if they'll have a fear-off at the end of the season...

But is being drug by a horse 100 yards, spending 4 minutes in a pit of rats and starting a suspended car in a rain storm really worth only $50,000!?

I give it a half a season...

Blaster1 06-16-01 04:17 PM

I liked this show. I don't know if I would have done the rat or car thing though.

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