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POWERBOMB 05-11-01 07:35 PM

This show was about the stories behind Russell Simmions Def Jam (enterprise).

I can't believe they spent over $2 million on a Sisqo video that will never air. It was really very silly looking and the graphics are 4th or 5th rate at best.

How about Ja Rule leaving the tour bus in neutral and it wrecking into the building? Or when that PR girl slapped Method Man's (I think) shloong because she thought it was a banana?

I think the most shocking part of the show was the atmosphere between all the employees of the company. It was truly a family atmosphere there. And the fact that a guy can go from intern to company president in 7 years....awesome.

It was a great show.

tsohg 05-11-01 11:32 PM

I missed it any idea of when it will re-air?

Spicollidriver1 05-12-01 01:31 AM

It reaired a lot this week because it was hiphop week.

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