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Alexwfan 05-08-01 01:13 AM

Does anyone who watched Ally tonight know what that last song was that Jennifer Holliday (unsure of that spelling) sang with the church choir? I love when she is on the show, she has such a beautiful voice; and that was a really pretty song she sang! I want to hear it again. Also, who was the singer who performed at the end with Vonda Shepard? I thought it looked like Taylor Dayne, was I hallucinating? I missed the credits. Anyone? Anyone?

rkndkn 05-08-01 03:51 AM

The credits said "Special Performance by Anastacia".

Let me check on that song . . .

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rkndkn 05-08-01 01:47 PM

OK, that song she sang was "So Very Hard to Go" by Tower of Power.

Alexwfan 05-09-01 12:23 AM

Thanks so much for the information rkndkn, I will definitely look for that Tower of Power song! I just wish I could buy the Jennifer Holliday version; I love her voice. Also thanks for clearing that up about the singer at the end. I really could have sworn it was Taylor Dayne (wishful thinking I guess; I always liked her). I have never even heard of Anastacia before.

rkndkn 05-09-01 03:21 AM

You're welcome, Alexwfan! I agree -- I really loved Jennifer's version -- very emotional and powerful.

I hadn't heard of Anastacia either. I looked her up, and she's a Brazilian-born, Berlin-based singer.

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