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Tesiae 05-01-01 02:12 PM


I'm talking about celebrity guest voices whose characters became semi-regulars on the Simpsons:

Kelsey Grammer - Sideshow Bob ( obviously )
Joe Mantegna - Fat Tony "Where are the pretzel moneys?"
Jan Hooks - Apu's Wife
Alex Rocco - Roger Myers, Jr

Any others?

P.S. Phil Hartman doesn't count as he was more of a regular.
God rest his soul.

Chad 05-01-01 06:29 PM

All I can think of is Ron Howard as himself.

Jason Northrup 05-01-01 07:50 PM

Is this thread void now? Or do chads only effect the validity ballot sheets.

Deftones 05-01-01 09:10 PM

Originally posted by Chad
All I can think of is Ron Howard as himself.
I was thinking the same thing. He's been in the show (talking) several times, and he's also showed up in non-verbal roles.

Junaid 05-02-01 01:11 AM

Gary Coleman's been in it several times now.

Tesiae 05-02-01 12:22 PM

The thing is, both Ron Howard and Gary Coleman are playing themselves, not characters. The only person I can remember is Danny Devito as Uncle Herb, Homer's half-brother..

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