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POWERBOMB 05-01-01 11:03 AM

Now without any competition, have we started to see what the WWF will now give us, the fans, in terms of putting on a show? Or is this the downslide of wrestling all together?

This was taken from this website.

Recently Yahoo! News did a study about how the World Wrestling Federation's ratings have fallen drastically compared to last year. One show in particular is WWF Smackdown! Which happens to be aired on UPN. Currently WWF Smackdown! Is drawing an average of 5.83 million views, compared to 8.77 million from last year, which is a loss of 34% for all WWF television shows.

Also, there is some talk that UPN wants Smackdown to be on more than one night a week.

das Monkey 05-01-01 11:10 AM

Unfortunately, we are at the worst period to judge the WCW impact. Historically, the months following Wrestlemania are as predictable as Bill Clinton in a room full of secretaries. Combine that with the fact that storylines declined as time and energy was focused on the XFL. If it weren't for the dynamic characters the WWF showcases currently, I'd suspect the acquisition of WCW to really hurt the WWF. Whenever the competition is poor, the WWF is notorious for simply "phoning it in".

Luckily, the WWF has shifted its focus in recent years, spending more time with dynamic characters and less time with good vs. evil storylines. Consequently, they could hire Terry Sullivan to write idiotic storylines week after week, and guys like Chris Jericho, Edge & Christian, and Kurt Angle would still be interesting enough to watch.

With both ECW and WCW under Vince's control, I am both excited and fearful for the future of wrestling. It really could go either way. Here's hoping for the best.


chowderhead 05-01-01 12:50 PM

I too agree that the storyline and the wrestling has gone downhill as of late ... but Smackdown is down in the ratings as well as other shows during that time slot in large part because of somthing called Survivor which airs on an old folks network.

POWERBOMB 05-01-01 04:32 PM

I'm not quite sure how Survivor can impact that much on UPN. I wish I had ratings access to RAW but I haven't found it yet. With so many sites and newspapers/radio stations giving next day results on Survivor, I wouldn't think it would hurt that much. But then, I don't really watch either show.

jellis 05-01-01 06:20 PM

Well, I can tell you that since Survivor started, I have missed many Smackdowns. I sometimes have the VCR set - other times not, but I definetly catch Survivor each and every week...

Note: I am a huge wrestling fan, but as of late, Survivor just seems to have much better storylines :)

chowderhead 05-01-01 11:35 PM

http://www.zap2it.com and http://www.prowrestlingtorch.com
has ratings on wrestling. zap2it gives daily ratings on all network primetime shows.

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