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dta316 05-01-01 02:17 AM

Just wandering.Really I am venting, because my cable company doesn`t carry Fx so I will miss next Saturdays Nascar race. This is suck!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Deftones 05-01-01 02:19 AM

i though the rights to nascar was transferred over to nbc and tnt??

oh yeah, and wrong forum! ;)

dta316 05-01-01 02:28 AM

Not til end of June start of July. Thank goodness I`ll get to see the Pepsi 400...

Spicollidriver1 05-01-01 03:40 AM

I get FX, and I like it, actually I watch it quite a bit. The only thing I don't like is when they have an original FX movie coming up. Literally for 2 months straight you see a commercial for it like every commercial break, and then when the credits of what ever you are watching is roling it plays more previews for it. By the time the movie comes on I don't want to see it (the last 2 I probably would have watched had they not crammed it down my throat) because I am so pi$$ed off.

big whoppa 05-01-01 05:44 AM

I think Son of a Beach is on fx. It's the only program I'll watch on the station.

JohnPhoenix 05-01-01 08:25 AM

Son of the Beach is on FX and it is the best show on the channel currently.

Film_Lover 05-01-01 09:22 AM

I'm all about F/X for TWO reasons:

Beverly Hills 90210 at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM

Beverly Hills 90210 at 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM

-- oh yeah, and they re-play a bunch of those FOX specials, you know "When Magicians Attack: Magic Becoming Mayhem" and stuff like that. In Living Color, Married With Children, The X-Files, M*A*S*H reruns to boot.

Still, I only regularly watch the 90210 reruns. Gotta re-live those pre-adolescent memories.

thejammy 05-02-01 11:51 AM

FX used to more like TVLand then they stopped running the Green Hornet Marathons. And there are no good, X-Files episodes anymore.

Scheherazade 05-02-01 03:57 PM

I could really do without FX, it's a horrible network from what I've seen of it... a better question would be, does anyone actually get Oxygen? I've met like two people online who get it, both living in Seattle. I can't watch my Xena reruns without it! Damn SciFi for giving up the ghost and selling out. At least they still have Hercules though.


Red Dog 05-02-01 04:17 PM

I used to watch the X-show a lot (before all the original hosts left). Now the only thing I watch on FX is Son of the Beach.

C-Mart 05-02-01 05:32 PM

Luckily i get FX, so I can see the race. (I can make a copy of the tape for you if you want :) just e-mail me) Also a friend of my dad's gets it, and we will all probably get together at his place to watch the race Saturday.


FiveO 05-03-01 09:02 AM

M*A*S*H re-runs...

Love 'em!

JohnPhoenix 05-03-01 09:12 AM

yeah, and while they were doing those, they had a lot of great live programming: Breakfast Time, Personal fX, and more which I loved.

Originally posted by thejammy
FX used to more like TVLand then they stopped running the Green Hornet Marathons. And there are no good, X-Files episodes anymore.

Jadzia 05-03-01 10:34 AM

I used to love all the old 80's reruns they showed: Dynasty, Dallas and the like. Now the only thing I watch on FX is the XFiles reruns.

I think it would be great if a cable channel ran all those nighttime soaps all the time. I loved it when E! showed Melrose Place reruns.

Slumbering Fist 05-03-01 01:47 PM

It is an utterly worthless network for me. Other than the occasional Millennium rerun i never watch it. When my cable company first got it, they had this show that mocked bad movies, kind of like a Whats Up Tiger Lily? meets Mystery Science Theater thing where they condensed a movie into a few minutes and made fun of it. That show was good, but they quit doing it. The only positive thing i can see about it is that they are going to start showing Buffy the Vampire SLayer this Fall, so i'll be a regular viewer then.

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