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Original Desmond 04-29-01 02:04 AM

The nominees

Kung Fu
Martial Law
Mortal Kombat Conquest

um others ?

Junaid 04-29-01 02:06 AM

Buffy features a lot of martial arts moves. Does that count?

seven 04-29-01 11:12 AM

The Master

Michael D 04-30-01 01:40 PM

Walker, Texas Ranger (not that I watch it, mind you).

huzefa 04-30-01 01:44 PM

Simpsons (especially the Whacking day episode)

HN 04-30-01 01:46 PM

Vanishing Son (starred Russell Wong)


benedict 04-30-01 01:59 PM

I've only ever really watched King Fu which I liked as a kid. Wasn't it more or less the same as Shane, though?

Michael D 04-30-01 02:22 PM

Originally posted by HN
Vanishing Son (starred Russell Wong)


Good call! I had forgotten about that one, and was really bummed when it got canceled--to make room for Xena, as I recall.

ktan1 04-30-01 03:10 PM

why was martial law cancelled? i liked it in a campy way..

BoatDrinks 04-30-01 03:10 PM

The Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.

DigIt 04-30-01 05:14 PM


Original Desmond 04-30-01 06:03 PM

Vanishing Son was excellent!

big whoppa 05-01-01 05:39 AM

Vanishing Son. The show had high ratings in the beginning. Not all bad chopsockey like many kung fu programs.

thejammy 05-01-01 12:00 PM

Yeah vanishing SON, That was fantastic.

I remember watching Rebecca Gayheart *meow* :p


Slumbering Fist 05-02-01 03:11 PM

Its not orientated exactly, but buffy and Angel have the best fight scenes and competent martial arts of any show on tv right now.

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