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Original Desmond 04-28-01 07:25 PM

Shane O Mac said it's a possibility

the problem would be having your VCR taping 24/7 !

when would you work ?

when you would have squishy ?

Applejack 04-28-01 09:05 PM

That would be pretty cool, because you could see old wrestlemania's and stuff, but it would only be cool if they stayed from 1970's to present, and left out the jobber matches of the 1980s where you knew what was going to happen.

badger1997 04-28-01 10:47 PM

"Have squishy?" WTF?

tsohg 04-29-01 12:43 AM

That would be the final straw in whether to get a digital recorder.

jellis 04-29-01 01:22 AM

Yep - the TiVo would be recording like CRAZY!!!

Jackskeleton 04-29-01 03:05 AM

Well isn't this something on Vince's to do list?

he is trying to get the ECW libery and he already owns the WCW libery. so only a few steps more..

edytwinky 04-29-01 03:36 AM

Ahh, that would be nice. I probably would have my VCR on recording all day long.

TripleH 04-29-01 08:46 AM

That would be pretty cool, but dont expect 5 star matches and shows all day long. There will be a lot of crap on it f.e. Brooklyn Brawler vs Henry Goddwin, know what i mean? We have a ppv channel here in holland and they show around 6 hours of wrestling a day.. We have classic nitros, AAA, ECW and good old SMW, pretty cool.

GuessWho 04-29-01 12:37 PM

it would be VERY cool, but I wouldn't expect my cable company to carry it. They're very behind -- we just got Cartoon Network and TV Land 3 months ago.

dancinns 04-30-01 08:14 PM

I think it would be great. We'd all get a chance to view all those matches that are all so fuzzy in our memory. There could be nice biographies on wrestlers and you watch how they progressed through their career. Ahh, memories...there are so many thinks I wish I could relive. Mankind's arrival to the WWF, Rick Rude/Steamboat fued (for some reason I remember Rude smashing Steamboat's face into the concrete and it being "great"), and so on.

Kumar J 04-30-01 09:58 PM

Now I need a DVD recorder.....with so many shows to record then I need something better that DVHS! :D

POWERBOMB 05-01-01 12:23 PM

What if it does better in ratings than the current product?

I would watch it occasionally.

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