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crankyman 04-25-01 10:40 AM

you guys really nailed the whole buffy robot thing right on the head! that was hilarious. good, solid episode overall.

and angel was good. seems like the writing keeps getting better and better with that show. i think it will stand just fine alone when buffy moves to upn.

unless, of course, they pull a fast one and show both shows at the same time!


Jeraden 04-25-01 11:57 AM

I like Angel a lot, but for some reason Cordelia really was getting on my nerves last night with her post-vision 'trauma'. Between that and her over-reactive 'I feel betrayed when Angel left us' mentality, seems they are just turning her into a big wuss.

crankyman 04-25-01 12:04 PM

don't be dissin' cordy now!!! ;).

i think she's pretty prefect for the role.

and i feel they need to do more stories on gun. that would be interesting instead of using him as just a sidekick.


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