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huzefa 04-15-01 12:17 PM

Going to school in Canada I get the Canadian version of MTV which is Muchmusic, and I gotta say, it's waaayyyy better than MTV. I mean, I don't think I've seen an actual music video on MTV for a long time. Muchmusic isn't really a Canadian version of MTV, just a music channel in Canada. They're not related to MTV. There is also a Quebecois version called musiqueplus which is cool, but I like watching musiqueplus a little bit since their studios are like straight down the road from my apartment block. Do any US audiences get either of these channels? I'd like to get them when I go back to the states but don't know if it's available there? What do you think of these two channels?

freedexter 04-15-01 07:43 PM

I don't get MM because you have to subscribe to "Digital Cable". I think you get 9 channels of it, so I probably will never get it, although I wouldn't be surprised if MTV2 gets added to Expanded Cable within a few years. Time Warner Cable sucks...:grunt:

Anyhow, they show MM specials on one of the channels that doesn't really have a network assigned to it. It's commerical free, and tries to get you to subscribe. I caught the Barenaked Ladies concert. They also had one with the Rolling Stones, one with the Newsboys (whoever they are), and a teen-music festival. From what I caught, it was really nice. There's one tonight at 9...

cineman 04-16-01 11:29 AM

I would if I still had it. Our cable company took it off to make way for VH1 Country. Yeeeccchhhhh!

Film_Lover 04-16-01 11:50 AM

I actually just started watching Much Music. AT&T Digital Cable added that and MTV2 (and all of those craptacular VH-1 derivatives) to the "Music Neighborhood" when they re-launched in February. I was watching MM yesterday becasue nothing was on TV, and I was pretty impressed by the diverse, but good selection. Still, MTV2 is my favorite music channel, although MTVX (the all rock version of MTV2) is sometimes a close second.

edytwinky 04-16-01 03:56 PM

If they offered it in Kansas I would.

Adam Tyner 04-16-01 04:29 PM

MuchMusic spends more time on my television than any other program... I'm madly in love with Rachel Perry. :)

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