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tyear8299 03-08-01 04:29 PM

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dtagon from http://www.getvcds.com won't work on my DVD-ROM. It is supposed to be region free. I have currently tried it on ATI DVD Player v7.0 for region 1, 3, 5 and other Asia regions. I have also tried it on PowerDVD and it freezes PowerDVD. On the ATI player, it just sits there in a black screen and does not advance throughout the film. Is it my DVD-ROM at fault and if so how could I go about fixing whatever the problem may be. Thanks in advance for any help towards resolving my issue.


Fhrx 03-08-01 06:33 PM

Just to check whether it is a region issue or not, try it on another player if you can ( go up the local shop) to check the actual DVD.

If that works, then download another player like WinDVD and set the region to 3. Give it a try.

Let us know how it goes.

tyear8299 03-08-01 06:37 PM

Got it to work....using WinDVD without changing the region.....Thanks for all your help guys...this forum is great.


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