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getz53 02-23-01 03:57 PM

I am looking at getting a Palm, but am confused as to which would be best for me. The M100 is inexpensive ($150), runs at 16 MHz, but has only 2M of memory. The IIIxe is $200, 20 MHz, with 8M of memory; the IIIc is $330, 20 MHz, 8M, with a color display; the Vx is $400, 20 MHz, 8M, has no color display but is thinner; the VIIx has wireless, which I don't need, but is the same price as the Vx and has the same speed and memory.

Does anyone have any other data I can go on? Are the display resolutions the same? How important is the thin-ness of the Vx? What do I give up if I go to the VIIx? Do all of the 20 MHz models run at the same speed from the user's perspective? Are there programs or accessories that will work with one model but not the others?

TheyCallHimJim 02-23-01 04:21 PM

Speed really isn't an issue with PDAs; generally, a 20MHz processor means waiting a tiny fraction of a second for your datebook to load, as opposed to just a small fraction for a 16MHz processor. Neither is the size, really, even the "big" models are plenty small enough to fit in a jacket pocket without being really noticeable. AFAIK, display resolution's the same for all of them, the only thing being that the m100's screen is ever so slightly smaller than the rest, but I'm pretty sure they all have the same pixel dimensions. All of them run PalmOS 3.5 (I think) so that's not an issue, other than the fact that some apps only work on the colour model.

Basically, you need to think seriously about what you're actually going to be using it for. If all you're likely to do is use it as a funked-up Filofax and playing the odd game, the m100 will be fine. If you intend to use it for loading lots and lots of apps on, or reading ebooks on, then get one of the 8MB models instead; apps themselves take up very little space, but if you start using it for viewing webpages on through AvantGo for example, that memory will get eaten up real quickly. (Even with only two or three channels on it, AvantGo can easily eat up 1MB or so of memory.) If you plan on using it for gaming more than just once in a blue moon, then get the colour IIIc. As for choosing between the Vx and VIIx, if they're the same price then I'd plump for the Vx unless you really need to be able to get at your email and browse the web on the move.

Horses for courses, really, each model has its own strong and weak points. FWIW, I've got an m100 and I love it. But I only really use mine as a souped-up organiser, for which purposes it's plenty adequate.

Personally, I'd go with the IIIxe, it's got about the best balance of features. If you're strapped for cash the m100 will be fine, just don't expect to be able to load the Encyclopaedia Brittanica onto it. If games are important to you, plump up the extra for the IIIc. If you can afford it, then get the Vx over the IIIxe, but there's not that much difference between the two, the Vx basically just looks a bit nicer and is a little smaller. And if you want to show off to your mates, get a VIIx.

popcorn 02-23-01 05:25 PM

Just to add more confusion to your decision...

Palm is coming out with a colorized version of the Palm Vx. That's the one I'm waiting for.

Come on. Someone mention Pocket PCs now...

NotThatGuy 02-24-01 09:51 AM

I was JUST going to post this question. I have been looking at Palms for awhile and have decided that i need one. Personally i'm going to go with the IIIXe. (199.99 - 40 staples coupon= $160+tax, free shipping from staples.com)


rockinphotog 02-25-01 08:28 AM

Well, palm already has the metallic colored Vx (millenium edition).

I have the Vx and simply love it. it's expensive, but well worth it in the long run.

Friends that have the handspring regret not getting the Vx.

The M100 is the worst choice, IMHO. the case feels so cheap, like a childs fake palm toy.

TheyCallHimJim 02-25-01 09:33 AM


Originally posted by ekf
The M100 is the worst choice, IMHO. the case feels so cheap, like a childs fake palm toy.
The whole point of the m100 is that it's meant to be a cheap alternative to a "proper" Palm machine. Bearing in mind it costs almost one third what the Vx does, it's pretty daft comparing the two; they're aimed at completely different ends of the market. The m100 is targeted primarily at students, as far as I can tell, who want to get a PDA to help keep themselves organised, take notes and stuff, without having to splash out hundreds of dollars. Obviously they have to cut a lot of corners to shave almost $300 off the price of a Vx, so they slash the memory, shrink the screen, slap in a slower processor and lower the overall build quality. Bluntly, the reason it feels so cheaply made is because that's precisely what it is! Everything's got a target market, and if you think that a product sucks, chances are that you don't fall into that target market.

namja 02-25-01 06:38 PM

The m100's screen is about 3/8" narrower and shorter than the others. Maybe I'm so used to the regular screen, but the m100's screen looked much too cramped. Really hard to see all the letters in text mode. Plus the 2MB memory is just too little.

If you must go with the Palm name, at least go with the Palm IIIxe using pedagogue's method from Staples. I've never heard of the Palm Vx coming out in color that KBdaNewbie mentioned (you meant color display, right?). Color really is a nice touch, but it will be hella expensive and will eat up a lot of battery.

If you don't have to get a Palm name, maybe you can look at the Handspring Visors. They have a bunch of cool springboards (see here). If you might use some of them, then the Visors are definitely the way to go. Plus Visors come with USB cradles -- much faster to HotSync than serial cradles.

I used to own the IIIx (like the IIIxe but only 4 MB). I upgraded to the Visor Platinum. I really enjoy the faster processor, although speed is not a big issue when it comes to Palm computing. I'm also making good use of the springboards (voice recorder for now; will add a GPS and a cell phone soon). I sort of do wish I had the Vx, but I was able to get my Visor $200 ($100 off reg. price), and I couldn't justify spending twice that for the Vx.

TheyCallHimJim 02-25-01 06:42 PM

2MB is plenty unless you want to load Ebooks and/or AvantGo on there. The screen is perfectly fine, the way some people carry on you'd think it was the size of a postage stamp... Like I keep saying, the m100 is only intended as a cheap, entry level alternative to spending big bucks on a "proper" PDA, so if you expect it to do much more than keep track of your diary and phone numbers, jot down memos and play the odd game on, you'll be sorely disappointed.

TaTTooD 02-27-01 04:34 AM

All I have to say is that if you're thinking about getting the M100.....you might as well just get the IIIxe cause after the Staples coupon its gonna cost you $10 more for 4x the memory. I originally bought the M100 and I loved it, but after seeing the deal on the IIIxe on this forum a week after my purchase, I returned it and ordered the IIIxe and i'm glad I did. Its not as much the fact that with 2mb you wont be using it for all these extra programs.....its knowing you can with 8mb if you want to.

Osiris 02-27-01 03:36 PM

Don't rule out the Hanspring's. They are almost the same units, without flash rom. They go as high as 33mhz on the Platinum and Prism. I recently purchased a Platinum and am very happy with it. USB sync is wonderfull.

sexymama 03-03-01 03:57 AM

My fiance has the Vx and recommends it -- he does a lot of stuff on it from typing up class notes on it to keeping zagats on it... Plus it looks the most sophisticated out of all of the Palm family... :)

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