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K&AJones 12-08-21 05:48 AM

?'s on CD to PC to Phone to Wireless Speaker...
Hello All

I recently decided to buy my wife one of those small Bluetooth Speakers so she can have some of our favorite music without the hassle of a large CD box. She works from home and at PC majority of the day and this is one of those that's like 7inches by 2inchs, got good reviews, 16watts and all...but this is our first one and we're a bit of old school....

Before I had one of those software organized, rate, custom MP3 setups using both CDex and Extract Audio Copy...both back in the days of Windows 7 and Vista. neith one of us plays or listens to music thru our phones....I've still got a old but still awesome Cowon Player for all my MP3's which majority of our collection was done in MP3 320 kbps. But I don't have any catalog or organized software nor CDex on our PC now. Plus I'm not sure what to rip then how and what format to move to Phone (Android). And I've seen countless Music Players which lost on some of them. I don't know to just let Windows Media Play do the work or go back to CDex but which format for Phone ofr does it matter. And I just want it so sh can hit the app, scroll, hit a album and let it play thru the speaker. It would seriously make her day....

Thanks for any help....

Jay G. 12-10-21 12:48 PM

Re: ?'s on CD to PC to Phone to Wireless Speaker...
Most people nowadays just use a music streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, etc. to listen to music. They all have vast catalogs and are relatively inexpensive, and a few have a "free with ads" option.

If you own/listen to some music that isn't yet on a music streaming service, a few like Youtube Music and Apple Music will let you upload it to their service, so you can then stream from your account. Ripping from Windows Media Player is fine, the streaming service will figure out what format to stream to your device as.

But if she's in front of the PC all day, why not just plug some speakers into the PC and play music off of it? That's what I do, no Bluetooth necessary.

mndtrp 12-13-21 02:36 PM

Re: ?'s on CD to PC to Phone to Wireless Speaker...
I've ripped all of my music to the computer, and use Mediamonkey to organize it. I sometimes play straight from the computer, but also sync to an android smartphone to use on the go. The music on my computer is FLAC, but mediamonkey lets you choose the format and bitrate you add to the phone in case it doesn't play FLACs, or you want to minimize space. Or you could forgo the android app, and just drag and drop the files to the phone.

I also have Plex, and bought their PlexPass, which gives me access to PlexAmp. It has the ability to stream from my server anywhere, with a spotify/pandora type feature to play radios from an artist or track starting point. It can have a pretty large cache, so you can wander out of service range and still listen to music. You can also download playlists or radios, up to 24 hours, and then have that available wherever you go.

With both apps, I then use bluetooth to connect to whatever speakers I happen to be near at the time. The little speakers near my computer, the soundbar in the main living room, the receiver in the basement, the garage speakers, bluetooth hearing protection if I'm working with power tools, etc. Bluetooth is handy if you listen to a lot of music in a lot of places.

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