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SunMonkey 03-16-21 02:15 PM

HDMI port problem
My HDMI port stopped working today on my month-old laptop. It sort of freaked out, audio disconnect/reconnect notices and flickering screen for about a minute, and then nothing. I have tried all the common thing, so cord works elsewhere, problem across multiple displays, software/drivers/OS updated, rebooted laptop, Win 10 diagnostic tool, etc.

I did see that the computer knows it is connected to a display when the HDMI cord is plugged in and I can drag things to the expanded display, but no audio/video signal makes it there.

Is there anything else I can try?

Noonan 03-16-21 02:18 PM

Re: HDMI port problem
Did you check Display settings to see if the laptop is recognizing the monitor as connected? Some laptops make you do a button press (like Alt/F7) to swap to an external monitor; could that be it?

SunMonkey 03-16-21 03:40 PM

Re: HDMI port problem
Yeah, tried that. It shows the screen there, and I can drag windows on to it. It is there, but I can no longer see (or hear) it.

Noonan 03-16-21 03:41 PM

Re: HDMI port problem
Did you check the input on the monitor (assuming it has more than one HDMI In)?

SunMonkey 03-16-21 04:24 PM

Re: HDMI port problem
Yeah, and the monitor works fine with another laptop. The same HDMI problem occurs across multiple displays that it used to work on, too.

Josh-da-man 03-20-21 02:24 AM

Re: HDMI port problem
You might try to update your video drivers. Something could have gotten corrupted.

SunMonkey 03-22-21 05:48 AM

Re: HDMI port problem
I tried that, too. Seems it was simply the HDMI port failed and Asus is covering it under warranty.

Thanks all.

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